Friendship Day, Friends Day

(Happy Friendship Day)

Friendship is a relation which is not blood generated. This relation is created by us. It all depends on us. Generally if we found someone similar to us like same in nature, living, talks and thoughts then we become friends whether we met in school, collage or play together. So friendship can be happen anywhere and with anyone. It all depends on us. When we are confused we remember our friends, when something wrong happens with us we remember friends, when we need money we remember friends, and there are lots of reasons to remember friends whether it’s up or down but we never forgot to remember our friends and to ask them for help. So people have decided to celebrate a complete day for friends and hence it is named Friendship Day.

When is Friendship Day?

(International Friendship Day)

Do you guys know when Friendship Day is? Each year one special day which is dedicated for friends only is celebrated as Friendship day. Friendship Day is celebrated on 1st Sunday of august every year. People in ancient time are wise. So they have chosen Sunday a free day to celebrate the Friendship Day. Firstly it was only celebrated in USA and other countries but later everyone around the world has started to celebrate this special day.

When is Friendship Day in 2017?

(Frienship Day Date)

As we know 1st Sunday of August is celebrated as friendship day so Friendship Day 2017 is on 7th August this year. How to celebrate this friendship day? Anyone have any ideas to make your friends happy on this special day?

National Best Friend Day

(Best Friend Day, National Friendship Day)

National Best Friendship Day is nothing special or a separate day other then this friendship day. The Friendship Day is also known as National Friendship Day. So no worries but don’t miss to wish you friends a very happy friendship day. Give them a beautiful long lasting memory on this National Best Friendship Day. Ask them to spend time together on this friendship day and went out for movies, ousting or party. Do celebrate it in a way you all always remember. And your friends never forget you.

I am lucky to have you as my friend.

How to celebrate Friendship day?

(Friendship, Friends Day)

There are lots of ways to celebrate Friendship Day some of the best ways are Friendship Day Images, Friendship Day Wishes, Friendship Day Messages, Friendship Day Quotes, Friendship Day Poems, Friendship Day Gifts, and Friendship Day Pictures & Photos. How to celebrate friendship day using above options? Its simple send wishes for your friends using one of the above methods.