When is Friendship Day

Tomorrow i.e. 5 August is friendship day this year. Each year first sunday of august is celebrated as friendship day.

Which Day is Friendship Day
I heard the question several times from people around me, which day is friendship day? Well just to let them know that each year First Sunday of August is known as Friendship Day. Just mark it this year friendship day 2018 is on 5 August 2018. So don’t miss this day of friends and celebrate best friends day with your awesome friends.

Is today friendship day
If you are a guy whose day starts and end with friends then I am sure you will never ask this question that is today friendship day. But if you are a guy who don’t have the time for friends due to busy schedule then you will surely going to ask a question Is today friendship day. Isn’t it true? What you will do if friendship day morning anyone asks to you Is today friendship day? Can you imagine the reaction? So better to remember it for always that First Sunday of August is Friendship day.

I am lucky to have you as my friend.